Welcome to the Lunatic project homepage.
The project is composed by two parts, a library called blackbox with classes for manage the graphic (shader, mesh, etc...) and a set of function that expose the interface to Lua. The project is still in planning state and there is a very small interface exposed.

Build instruction

Ubuntu/Linux system
  1. Requisites:
    • Gcc 4.5.1 (or better)
    • Lua 5.1
    • OpenGL (mesalib)
    • CMake 2.6 (or better)
    • X11
    Optional packet:
    • Yaml-cpp (for data parsing)
    • CppUTest (for testing)
  2. Get the code:
    mkdir lunatic
    git clone git://lunatic.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/lunatic/lunatic lunatic
    If you select to use YAML and to compile the tests you will need to download yaml-cpp and CppUTest and create a link in the extlib directory.
  3. Compiling
    cd lunatic
    cmake CMakefile.txt
  4. Run the example
    lua examples/baseWindow/baseWindow.lua
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